El Umbracle

I'll say nothing about this particular clip, you love it or you hate it. Mr Lee is allowed to improvise in it and do as he pleases. If anyone is interested in the history of this film, I'll be glad to fill you in with all the details.

No one besides the legends that took part, Tapias, Miro, etc, can ever claim to understand it completely. Mr Lee doesn't himself. It's art on film, same as a drawing or a sculpture, it belongs in a museum and that is exactly where the other copy is kept. Mr Lee was very fortunate to have kept the one I am using here.

The first time I showed you small parts of this film, the quality was terrible. The clip you are about to see took 3 months to get to this state and it's as good as it will ever get on broadband. On 56k, it suffers a bit from the sound being out of syncro but is very watchable. This is due to the frame rate and the way the type of camera and film they used. It was shot with a very old and rare camera.

It's on page No2, in case you have not found it.


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