Kcsun Interview with Christopher

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Re: Kcsun Interview with Christopher

Even after so many years, it is very pleasant to read an interview with Christopher Lee. Everything millstone that he said at that time is applied in the current days, mainly when he refers the good professional's valorization, among other things.
It exists in the Mr. Lee an expression form that convinces, that it conquers our opinion.

* * * There is a long time I discovered: I don't like so much of the terror films; I like films with Christopher Lee! * * *

It is him that values the film. It is very pleasant to see Mr. Lee in varied characters. I don't like comedy a lot, but with Christopher Lee, she is really entertaining. THAT Man makes to laugh me, he makes to get scared, he makes to regret me even. He makes to want to see me the film (same Jocks) that I consider a bad films, Is Chris who makes him to have some value.
Applauses for: Return the Witch's Mountain. There the Mr. Lee surprised a lot. Congratulations for him.


Isabel Cristina Forlin Alves


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