Tales of the Cryptic: CAT

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Over the years I've written letters to various people in the Christopher Lee International Club (vice presidents, close friends who were club members, etc.) and saved a carbon copy for myself as a "diary" entry. In doing so, I've collected various stories about Christopher, and in this instance, about a unique member of his family. Grey, with black stripes and white markings on paws, face and tummy, with bright gold eyes, and sharp teeth, (lots of teeth) he was known by many names, the most well-used being just "Cat".

Christopher became the proud "father" of a new baby kitten in February 1979. He was a tiny fluff ball that cried its little head off when Christina picked him up, but when Christopher held him, he would get quiet and stare off into space, happy as a clam.

On February 23, 1979, his name was Goliath, which is about as non-descriptive of this kitten as you could get; he wasn't even big enough to be a David. Christopher had me and my California VP, Joy Thale, over that day, and while we were discussing business in the living (drawing) room, Christina brought the cat in, laid it in my lap, and walked out without a word.

I love cats, I've been owned by six in my lifetime, and this one was ever so cute. I was just stroking its head, and it was so small it settled into my hand, purring. All the while, Christopher was watching

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Marije Kraa (not verified)

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Re: Tales of the Cryptic: CAT

What a wonderful article Pam and what a wonderful mischivious little bugger!!

He looks very much like Trunks, a cat we had wondering around our neighbourhood a few years ago only he had a darker nose.

I can really imagine Mr. Lee seated in his chair and screaming (like a girl?) when his chest gets pierced Wink that ofcourse reminds me of my kitten obsession when I was little. I had this doll seat on my bike and always tried to put the cat of the neighbours in it :rofl:

God, I should stop.

I loved it Pam. PLease continue writing, I love your memories and adventures with Mr. Lee!

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Re: Tales of the Cryptic: CAT

I relate to this article so well lol

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Re: Tales of the Cryptic: CAT

Pam, this is a very good article. I would have never known that Christopher Lee liked cats. Those pictures of that kitten, he was cute.


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