This will be a day long remembered

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It was only two months since we had first visited London to meet with Sir Christopher Lee. As luck would have it, Sir Christopher was called away at the last minute and was hence unable to receive us. But the warm reception we got from Mr. Juan Aneiros and Mrs. Christina Lee well made up for that.

And Mr. Aneiros promised he would do his utmost to get us a new appointment with Sir Christopher in the near future. Mr. Aneiros of course kept his word.

As PR Manager of the Belgian Star Wars Fan Club,, I had the honor of sitting down with Sir Christopher to ask him a couple of questions that Juan taped on video for us. The interview will be a major feature in our next issue of Teekay Magazine and will also be posted on our website. The video will become part of our extensive collection, but is sure to be the highlight!

Sir Christopher signed a total of 100 items for our fan club members, who are thrilled about this of course. Getting an authentic autograph and watching the video gives them the feeling they were there too.

To post the complete interview here would take up too much megabytes, but be sure to check our website where the interview will soon go online.

You'll remember that in August we spent too much time at Juan's home and hence missed our hoverspeed back to the mainland. This time, we were stuck on the shores of Dover because of a tremendous storm, not seen in Europe for 12 years if the newspapers are to be believed. Yep, that's right, we had to wait until Monday morning to travel back to Belgium and explain to our boss at the office why we were delayed. They were skeptical at first, until we showed them the photos. Then their skepticism turned into disbelief and finally into admiration. Ah, it's all in a days' work :.

Special thanks to my fiancé Sofie (who took the photographs), my friend Dave Oldbury (who helped out with the signing), Christina Lee and Juan Aneiros (who are simply too kind for words) and of course, Sir Christopher Lee for having us!

This, too, will be a day long remembered

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