LOTR Pics and Peter Jackson's Castle!

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With the Cannes Film Festival kicking off this week, the media buzz and promotion for the upcoming film The Lord of the Rings is expected to shift into full swing. Variety reports that LOTR director Peter Jackson, in keeping with the feel of the film, has gone so far as to rent a castle to serve as LOTR headquarters at this year's festival. Info on Le Chateau De Castellaras can be found at Stuff.co.nz.

As the veil of secrecy surrounding the project is lifting, we are pleased to present some of the first officially released photos of Christopher Lee in character as Saruman the White.

Images copyright © New Line Cinema 2001


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Ok, I just turned into a kid seeing those pictures...whee!! That's it, tomorrow I go back to Borders Bookstore and get another copy of "Lord of the Rings" and re-read it (my old copy's falling apart). The most articulate thing I can say seeing Christopher in those photos is "cool!!". Christmas 2001 is going to be fun...

Pam Laughing out loud

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There was a huge 2001 calendar from LOTR when i was over in England.
As far as i know it was limited and not really for sale yet.
But the cinema store had it.
It contained the 3rd picture from below. (the green pic)
It looked abolutely amazing....and i didn't bought it.
Why? i really don't know. :confused:
I can't stand myself at the moment....can't wait for Christmas.

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It's very easy. You would have been prosecuted.hehe.
There was a guy at the barbican who wanted Mr Lee to sign his LOTR calender and Mr Lee said:
"This thing is not for sale". "You can get prosecuted". But I would have bought it anyway.
I didn't have enough money. Did you?

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I'm realy excited about seeing LOTR now! I love these fantasy type programes like the Labyrinth and Legend!


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