Michael Gough R.I.P.

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Yesterday we lost the great character actor Michael Gough, who appeared several times in films with Christopher Lee (HORROR OF DRACULA, DR TERROR'S HOUSE OF HORRORS, THE SKULL, CURSE OF THE CRIMSON ALTAR, JULIUS CAESAR, SLEEPY HOLLOW, THE CORPSE BRIDE, ALICE IN WONDERLAND) as well as alongisde Peter Cushing & Donald Pleasence in various movies, and a large part of his career was made in genre film. He did excellent work with great British directors such as Ken Russell and Derek Jarman, as well (of course) as playing Alfred in the first four Batman movies from 1989 on. Had a great, late part in THE CHERRY ORCHARD alongside Alan Bates.

I hope Sir Christopher Lee will issue a statement on his former colleague, who will be deeply missed by movie-lovers worldwide.

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I was saddened to learn the

I was saddened to learn the news that Michael Gough had passed away. A wonderful actor who kept going into his nineties. RIP Michael Gough (1916-2011). God bless.

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God speed to him, indeed!  I

God speed to him, indeed!  I loved him as Alfred in the Batman series.


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Michael Gough was a wonderful

Michael Gough was a wonderful actor....his performances were always memorable and interesting. I loved him and CL in the "Hand" sequence in Dr. Terror's House of Horrors

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Sadden to the hear the

Sadden to the hear the news.




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Omg today i read this sad

Omg today i read this sad news !!

He died at the birthday of my son.

Its so sad i was a great actor,my condulence goes to his family and friends.







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actually i did hear of this

actually i did hear of this when he passed away. & i also was sad to hear of it. growing up that's what i also knew him as was "Alfered" the butler where he Buttles" to quote i think "Tim Curry" from the movie "Clue"  a great film series. though i prefer the "Tim Burton" years those are the best ones i think. anyways, in the past couple of years  i started to see him in other films.  earlyier roles. 


such as the evil oh shit i forget the name of the character for "Doctor Who" i have copies of the recon's for "Doctor Who" you see that were made during that era. those are legal to download actually.  & he was Briliant in the part. to bad he only did one Serial. i just recently watched an early film that he had a small role in called "They Came Beyond Space" a cheap B film that he made in (1967) it was a decent film but a bit to slow to be considered anything but a decent flim. he got good billing for the film. 


is really the only Name actor in the entire thing i believe. at least for me. & he's at the end of the film! 5th Biling i think it was. for  those who haven't seen him in "The Haunting of Hell House" from (1973) i must say you all SHOULD check it out. in fact buy it!  i downloaded a rare film of his a  year or two ago before it came out on dvd actually called "Horror Hospital" from (1973) the film was an original idea i forget what the plot was. but it wasn't that great of a film. he had a good part in it though. the bad guy i believe. so in short i LOVE his horror film years. his most recent one being "Sleepy Hollow' if you want to make that a horror film ? 


i never can figure out what title call that film anyways? or what Genre i mean. & i think "Michael Gough" is VERY underated by people today. though thankfully Mr. Lee is more well known thanxs to "The Lord of the Rings" films & "Star Wars" films he did. & most people know "Vincent Price" & "Peter Cushing",  it seems "Michael Gough" since he hasn't done much acting in the last decade or so since he pretty much retired from acting at some point. 


has been stuck in the catagory of not being so well known other than for those who saw the "Batman" films he did in the late 80's  To late 90's. to me he'll always be "Alfred" 


 & though "Michael Caine' is FANTASTIC at it. i didn't  grow up with him playing the part like i did "Michael Gough" so that's why i say he did a better job. yes i know he passed away some time ago. but i just found this thread so bear with me. 


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