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1. In "Devils, Rogues and Other Villains", in how many languages does he sing?
A: 4. English, French, German and Neapolitan[/b]
2. How many episodes of "Douglas Fairbanks Jr Presents", has Mr Lee appeared in?
A: 16. See the filmography page
3. How many PC CD games has Mr Lee done work for?
A: 2. Ghosts and Rocky Horror Picture Show.
5. Mr Lee has done more sword fights than any other actor.
A: True. And has a few more to come in Ep II.
5. With how many boxing champions has Mr Lee shared credits with?
A: 2. Muhammad Ali and Kid Berg. Both are in the image Gallery.
6. Christopher Lee shared stage with Pavarotti.
A: False.
7. Mr Lee is the only actor ever to be allowed to film inside "El Escorial"
A: True. And I believe the last.
8. How many times has Mr Lee played a Doctor?
A: 17. All listed at the filmography page.
9. How many "Super Heroes" had to face Mr Lee?
A: 2. Captain America and Captain Invincible.
10. Mr Lee is the tallest leading actor to date.
A: True. Answer was given not long ago in the news.
11. In which year, did Mr Lee had his first writing credit published.
In 1936. See the Scrapbook at the Image Gallery.
12. Mr Lee's golf handicap is scratch
A: False. Not anymore.
13. Mr Lee went to the same School as Prince Rainier III of Monaco.
A: True. At Summerfields in different years.
14. In this picture, who is hiding behind Mr Lee?
A: Joanna Lumley.
15. Who played a major part in having Mr Lee's scenes deleted from "Saraband for Dead Lovers"?
A: Stewart Granger. The reason he gave was that Mr Lee looked too much like him.

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It was tough, it was rigorous -- but that's the way it should be. Keep 'em coming, Juan.

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Don't want to be a spoilsport, but isn't the answer to the question "How many boxing champs has Christopher Lee shared credit with"? wrong. I new about Muhammed Ali, but not Kid Berg. Mr Lee also shared a credit with British Boxing Champ Henry Cooper in a thing called "Golf Film" in the early seventies. This is mentioned in the Pohl/Hart book "The Films of Christopher Lee". Sorry, just being pedantic. I didn't get many of the others right. -James


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