British DVD releases of Christopher Lee films

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I don't know about anybody else but when are Mr Lee,s films going to get the same respect when released on DVD as they do in the US.
Having recently returned from New York I purchased several Region 1 DVD's everyone packed with extras including Audio commentary, Documentaries, Interviews etc (The 45 minute interview on City Of The Dead is the best interview yet where Mr lee talks about his whole career..look out for it..its a gem) .Yet when these same films ie: Rasputin, Devil Rides Out, Scars of dracula etc were released over here last month they were all totally devoid of extras. Why is this? Why is one of the greatest film icons that ever hailed from this country and his millions of british fans not given the proper respect as fans in the US?
My advice to anyone out there forget buying Region 2 (apart from Studio canals excellent release on "The Wicker Man") releases of Mr Lee's films. For a real treat for any fan please please look out for the Region 1 "City Of the Dead" as it is the original British release with an extra 2 minutes of footage not included on the crappy "Horror Hotel" Region 2 dvd. Its loaded with extras and as mentioned above a superb interview with Mr Lee plus the director. It comes to something when it takes the Americans to release the original British version grrrr.
Yet again goes to proove of the ineptitude and lazyness and disrespect given to film fans in this country.

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Re: British DVD releases of Christopher Lee films

I agree about what has been said about the quality of DVDs, its true that the region 1 DVDs get the best Extras and for me, being a film buff i enjoy seeing the extras. Of how, the cast and crew felt during the time, when making the films and the things that went wrong and how the got out of it. But because i only have a region2 player, i can only play DVDs region 2
and 0 i can not play region1 and enjoy the same satisfaction as Region1 DVD gets. Its not fair to us.
I have a Devil to a daughter on region 1, which sadly dont play on my player, which i love too. And it looks so good but i can only enjoy the film from the region 2 hammer box set. Still i shall watch his films for years to come and if needs be in Region2.


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Re: British DVD releases of Christopher Lee films

Hi charlene.

yes i have To the Devil A Daughter, the box looks great and it has a superb documentary on the film. Get yourself a multiregion player. u can pick them up for £40 at Dixons. Two films that i thought were only Region 1 will play on a Region 2 player as they are 0. Anchor bays superb releases of Rasputin the mad monk and The Devil Rides Out both with audio commentary with Christopher Lee and other stuff so look out for them as they will work on your player.

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