The Last Unicorn

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Great news.

Not that I have ever seen the animated movie, but it would
be very nice to see Mr Lee playing with Johnny Depp again.
If he gets the role as Schmendrick The Magician.

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I have seen the cartoon, It's a lovely story.

It should be interesting to see what they do with it. There are parts that in it that would be hard to do, (well maybe not with todays tech. They seam to be able to create any kind of illusion) It should be pretty good. I will be looking forward to seeing it.

wish you enough,

Old Soul

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I agree that it was Great News on the Last Unicorn, and I hope that Mr. Lee will reprise his role as King Haggard in the Feature movie version of The Last Unicorn , and I also hope that both versions , the Animated version and the new feature version will go on DVD with a Featurette on the Making of the two versions of The Last Unicorn , and with Mr. Lee doing the Commentary too as well .

Best Regards

Amy Maloney Smile

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I posted an announcement on to let them know about Mr. Lee and his role in The Last Unicorn, and have got some very good feedback, indeed. People are already looking forward to it. And those responses came on the Movies thread, in the Other category (that is, other than the LoTR Casting, the Film, the Literary Thread or the Prancing Pony). Look under Other, uh, in other words. Quite a few people who had fond memories of the film when they were children, are now looking forward to the live action version as adults!

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