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Have any of you seen the Saruman items at the Noble Collection site? I just got the LOTR catalog from them in the mail today and this candle holder is really cool! They also have the Brooch Saruman wore.


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Yeah I have seen the brooch, been thinking of getting that my self.

I like the candle holder, I'm in to candles in a big way. Laughing out loud


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Where's the Noble Collection site? This looks interesting.

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Nice candleholder. Intimidating.
Here's a site that now has the Saruman stand-up and bust in case anyone doesn't know where to find them:

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Speaking of Saruman items, a collection of LOTR coins was made (I'm not sure by what company) a number of years ago, including a Saruman coin. I believe the White Hand is on one side of it ... I don't have one but they are sometimes available on Ebay and probably on other auction sites.

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