Tintin and Spielberg

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Looks like the Adventures of Tintin may be the next series of books to be turned into a film franchise with Spielberg in talks to acquire the rights.

Since Mr Lee seems to be considered these days for every potential blockbuster. Yes, there are other films that you don't yet know of, which fall in that category and he is not allowed to discuss. I wonder if there is a part in there that he could play. Any ideas?

Here is the link, TBR in 2004.


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It's been a long time since i've read any Tintin comics.

I don't think Mr Lee would be playing Captain Haddock or the professor. (can't think of his name.)
Maybe one of the enemys TinTin encounters in one of the comics?

It would be fun to see Mr Lee in a TinTin movie.

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I am not familiar with the story of TinTin.

However, just from reading the small story line about the movie,

I think I would like to pick the roll of Caption Haddock, (Haddock? Isn


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oh wow, now thats going back some!
I also say Captain Haddock.
The part of the professor would of been a great part for dear Mr. Cushing if he was still with us.


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For the ones who don't know who Tintin is, maybe this image rings a bell.

great comics. Laughing out loud

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I've never seen this comic either, never even heard of it. But now that my interest is piqued...I'm going to check out the website and learn a bit more.


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Tintin evokes memories of school holidays in the mid 70s when it was shown daily on BBC 1 . I can't see Mr Lee as any of the regular cast members but , considering each story featured a master villain , I'm sure his towering presence would be put to good use as an arch nemesis .


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