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Warhammer LotR page

This is nothing special, but I thought I'd post it anyway in case anyones interested in that kind of thing. So far I've only bought the Fellowship, and I don't think I'll ever get into the actual game, but I just think it's a spiffy thing just to have Smile

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I've got a few of them - it's murder painting the damn things, though! I'm sure it must make your eyesight worse (and mine's bad enough!). I have the 'FotR' Cave Troll, though I broke his spear when I knocked him accidentally a while ago, and I have the Warg attack set, so three Warg Riders and Aragorn & Theoden mounted on horses. They're a bit too expensive to get too often, though - I don't know how anyone can afford to play the game - you need loads of pieces! Wink LOL




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I have some from LOTR, my son was into warhammer big time.
But now his sold most of it, thats what you get when you grow up, mind you, there are more adults playing the game then there are kids.
He still goes to the war games evey now and then.
But your right the cost was way over the top, my son was very good at painting them in great detail.



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