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I'm sure this subject has been thrashed thru but bear with me, I'm new here.

Pretty cheesy to put the edited version of WM out on the single disc; is the double disc set worth buying? Is the widescreen any good? (A friend has the DVD of the Four Musketeers by Lester and says the widescreening is pathetic.)

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The double disc is a must buy , especially the region 2 version as it has a commentary . The widescreen format is excellent as is the sound and picture quality . Or you can wait till 25th Nov and get the Limited Edition box set which has all this and lots more .

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I'm not sure what that means. I'm still in VHS mode. And I'm in the US. They released a double disc set here in a wooden box; is this limited edition something new? (Like the LOTR with 30 minutes of extra footage; practically makes it a different movie!!)

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The North American DVD region is region 1, the UK is region 2, there's no difference except that region 1 discs are usually NTSC system and region 2 discs are usually PAL system.

Supposedly, region 1 discs can only be played in region 1 (North America etc.) and region 2 discs can only be played in region 2 (UK etc.), but many people in the UK (including myself) are able to play region 1 discs and discs from other regions.

Americans can usually only play region 1 NTSC discs because NTSC TVs can't display PAL pictures, but most modern PAL TVs can display NTSC pictures.

The Wicker Man wooden box set was a limited edition for North America on region 1 NTSC format, Amazon.com still has them (See here).

I have two of these sets, one to watch and the other one is still sealed.





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