Academy Award lifetime achievement award this coming year.

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Christopher Lee is the greatest living acting legend today. I have always enjoyed watching him and Peter Cushing. The Academy Awards needs to recognize his legendary statis. We should all reach out to the members of the Academy Awards. Take care, Anthony. 

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Hey man

I agrree 100% with you, Sir Christopher Lee is the greatest acting legend there is today, He is my favourite actor, I have seen many of his films and I cite him as an inspiration, influcence and role model, as the same as Peter Cushing, two of the best actors I have ever seen

I think that it is unfair that the academy does not honour a man with a career that spans over 60 years, over 200 movies, and many many legendary portrayls, from Jinnah, to Dracula, to Scaramenga, Dooku, Saruman and Rasputin

it is wrong that the academy is not honouring him. and I really hope that they acknowledge him soon rather than later. as well he was in Ireland last week accepting an award and honoured, unfortunatley I didnt know abou it til i seen it on the news that night.

I have a face book group here if you would join its an academy honory award for Sir Christopher

best wishes


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