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I'm not generally one to join a forum - more of a general peruser of them...however, I think Mr. Lee's inimitable work is deserving of as much support as we can here I am!

To Mr. Lee I offer my congratulations for his recent recognitions (deserved them more than anyone), and I wish him the best in health and happiness - I truly look forward to seeing his return as Saruman in the Hobbit films, as well as any other project he takes on - even the worst film (e.g. The Stupids) has redeeming moments when his scenes arrive! That is what is important in a film - what you remember - what you take away from it, after the credits roll. His are always well chosen and always memorable. The mark of a truly wonderful thespian.

I was born in the 1980's...long after the days of his classic roles in the 50's and 60's, but his body of work has had a marked impact in my life, and one day, will certainly be a part of my children's as well.

Best of health and happiness to all in this new year.

W. Colbert

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New on here

Watched  the Devil Rides out  recently .such superb acting ,as a youth in the 70s ITV in England , had on Friday nights Hammer horror films ,and here we are  many years later and your still  entertaining us.


with  my very  best wishes Mr Lee.

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