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Mr. Lee, it is my understanding that you are a voracious reader and have a considerable library. As a booklover and collector of first editions myself, I'm curious to know just what you are reading currently and what are your all-time favourite books and/or authors?

Please ignore this question, as Mr. Lee pretty much answered this at the Live Event on November 26.

He indicated that favorite subjects include Military histories with special emphasis on Special Forces, biographies of a historical and military nature, golf and music. As for fiction, he expressed an affection for J. R. R. Tolkein, T. H. White, Mervyn Peake and Arthur Conan Doyle (Particularly the historical novels such as Sir Nigel, Brigadier Gerard and what Mr. Lee described as "the best bare knuckle boxing book" Rodney Stone). He also indicated a love of the works of George MacDonald Fraser and highly recommended the Flashman books. For mystery or thrillers he placed John Dickson Carr, Edgar Wallace and Elmore Leonard among his favorites.

Now I'll find something else to ask! :3d:

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