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Sincere greetings to the Master...
I am a 19 year old female, physics student(Australia). I love analyzing your movies, it gives me new ideas to explore in myself. Despite the urge that I'd love to make movies, I strongly agree with your advice. Someday I'd love to be a physics professor and maybe I could sublimate myself in other ways.. the Questions...I am quite curious.. *Have you an interest in Freud? Looking back at your films, have you ever intended to use Freudian ideas(I,Monster, Dracula..etc.)?  *What insights do you have concerning the world of science (Physics & mathematics in particular)? Quantum physics, Astrophysics, etc.. I ask you about Physics & Freud specifically, because they are my latest studies, and I certainly do not deny, that beauty is in all other things...
With sincere Love, Dali.

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