How do you build up a character?

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Dear Mr Lee. Thank you so much for your recent reply. I was wondering, how do you build up a character?. Apart from analicing the texts in the scripts. Do you search for animal insticts in your parts?. With animal instincts I mean certain ways of moving or a certain look. For example:Marlon Brando had put in napkins in his mouth to have the face of a bulldog to get in to the part. I don't want to insult you in any way I realy don't and I would never dream of it. Many acters search for animal instincts in their parts. My drama teachers has told me about this to. Varm regards Joakim L.

Dear Joakim,

I use my instincts, my imagination and my own powers of invention in
creating a character for the screen. Obviously, I have to be very specific
in every aspect of a historical character.

Warmest regards,

Christopher Lee

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