Our Song about Peter Cushing Is Legendery

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Hi, it's Derek Mcneill here, I have been a member for a few months, but didn't know how to properly invite Mr Lee to sing our Song about his old friend Peter Cushing, He was My neighbour in Whitstable, a real gentleman and frequent aquaintance about the town. About 17 years ago we were a big local music act and we wrote the know legendery song dedication, with humour called "Peter Cushing Lives In whitstable" People have been singing the song for almost 20 years., it's very catchy and fun, aparently Mr Cushing was amused by it! A top british T.V show wants to release it with a video moviette along with their own DVD of the show's last series. I was just wondering if Mr Lee would record the song with us or just be involved, singing, acting in the video, what with his amazing music career launch and his intriguing first album only this past year? If the moderator can and would pass this message on, thanks Derek, and hello everyone!

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Re: Our Song about Peter Cushing Is Legendery

Please e-mail me at

In principle, he would love to do it.


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