A Recorded Single?

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I was reading an article done in 1973 on Mr. Lee's career. It is mentioned in the article that Mr. Lee had "just recorded a single 45 RPM for EMI, I Am Yours/The Seasons".
I have done searches (using a variety of search terms) and have been unable to find out anything about this recording, even at the very least that it exists :confused: ....Does anyone have any information on it?

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Re: A Recorded Single?

I have heard of this also, and from what I understand it is a very rare single that disappeared from the scene shortly after it was issued, perhaps because Mr. Lee did not feel it was as good as it could be. There may be a few copies floating around somewhere, but it is a true collector's item. I was very amused to read a review of it in a past issue of "Little Shoppe of Horrors" magazine where the reviewer said "Mr. Lee has a pleasant crooner's voice". In light of his recent efforts with Rhapsody I find this a vast understatement!


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