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I have just very much enjoyed watching Scott of the Antarctic (1948) on BBC2, and it prompted me to wonder whether it is the earliest surviving colour footage of Christopher Lee's acting? Judging by Rigby's book, he did shoot a very brief scene in colour during 1947 for a film entitled Saraband for Dead Lovers, but this was deleted from the final cut, and presumably no longer exists. Other than this, Scott of the Antarctic would seem to be his first colour appearance.

Can anyone confirm for me whether this is correct, and Scott of the Antarctic is indeed Mr Lee's earliest colour footage? Does the Saraband for Dead Lovers scene survive after all, or is there anything else I haven't heard of which is earlier? I should think it's unlikely, but I'd like to be sure, just for curiosity's sake.



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Re: 'Scott of the Antarctic' question

i think it is! i'm just Guessing of COURSE! & it's for me NOT a VERY GOOD FILM! it's ok just wasn't as good as i thought it would be ya know? but hey that's just me ya know?


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