Arabian Adventure

Tag: Movie

Title: Arabian Adventure
AKA: Arabian Adventure
Year: 1979
Character: Caliph Alquazar
Director: Kevin Connor
Cameraman: Alan Hume
Screenplay: Brian Hayles
Runtime: 98
Country: UK
Genre: Fantasy | Adventure
Studio: EMI Films, British Lion Film Corporation
Classification: G

Language: English
Audio: Dolby
Colour: Color



A valiant prince battles an evil sorcerer to rescue his true love in this colorful fantasy, which features high adventure and plenty of special effects. The hero must overcome a number of dangers, along the way receiving help from a beautiful street urchin and a magical rose.


Christopher Lee as Caliph Alquazar
Milo O'Shea as Khasim
Oliver Tobias as Prince Hasan
Emma Samms as Princess Zuleira
Puneet Sira as Majeed
Peter Cushing as Wazir Al Wuzara
Capucine as Vahishta
Mickey Rooney as Daad El Shur
John Wyman as Bahloul
John Ratzenberger as Achmed
Shane Rimmer as Abu
Suzanne Danielle as Eastern Dancer
Elisabeth Welch as Beggarwoman (as Elizabeth Welch)
Hal Galili as Asaf
Art Malik as Mamhoud (as Athar Malik)
Jacob Witkin as Omar, the Goldsmith
Milton Reid as Jinnee
Cengiz Saner as Abdulla: Mauve Gang
Marcel Steiner as Ayyub: Mauve Gang
William Sleigh as Aziz: Mauve Gang
Andy Bradford as Ajib: Mauve Gang (as Andrew Bradford)
Albin Pahernik as Asham: Mauve Gang
Stuart Fell as Alvi: Mauve Gang
Gurdial Sira as Akbar: Mauve Gang
Dan Long as Cell Guard: Mauve Gang
Tim Pearce as Zaeed: Mauve Gang
Benjamin Feitelson as The Water Seller: Mauve Gang
Omelia Warland as Handmaiden: Mauve Gang
Michael Watkins as Fruitseller: Mauve Gang
David Freedman as Ali: Mauve Gang
Colin Howells as Felah: Mauve Gang
Bobby Parr as Pulan: Mauve Gang
Alf Mangan as Sulan: Mauve Gang
Eddie Tagoe as Nubian
Sonny Caldinez as Nubian
Robert LaBassiere as Nubian (as Robert Labassiere)
Clive Curtis as Nubian
Danna Amici as Nubian
Roy Stewart as Nubian

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