The Blood of Fu Manchu

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Title: The Blood of Fu Manchu
AKA: The Blood of Fu Manchu
Year: 1968
Character: Fu Manchu
Director: Jesus Franco
Cameraman: Manuel Merino
Screenplay: Jesus Franco, Manfred R. Köhler, Sax Rohmer, Harry Alan Towers
Runtime: 92
Country: Spain | West Germany | UK | USA
Genre: Adventure | Crime | Horror | Sci-Fi
Studio: Ada Films, Commonwealth United Entertainment, Constantin Film Produktion, Terra-Filmkunst, Towers of London Productions, Udastex Films

Language: English
Audio: Mono
Colour: Color (Eastmancolor)
Tagline: Programmed to kill!



The first of several collaborations between cult director Jesus Franco and British producer Harry Alan Towers, this horror-tinged adventure is full of jungle action, creative murders, and violent sexual sadism. Christopher Lee portrays the mysterious Asian madman Fu Manchu, plotting world domination from his secret headquarters underneath the Amazon rainforest. Fu has discovered a rare poison which affects only men, and uses it as lipstick for ten beautiful women, who are to deliver a kiss of death to each of 10 public officials. Carl Jansen (Gotz George) and Sir Denis Nayland Smith (Richard Greene), a pair of Scotland Yard detectives, track Fu Manchu to his underground hideout and -- with the aid of Dr. Ronald Petrie (Howard Marion Crawford) -- search for the antidote to the deadly poison. Lee's wooden performance is alleviated by an amusing turn by Ricardo Palacios as a revolutionary, and a beautiful female cast. Vicente Roca and Marcelo Arroita Jauregui also appear in this entertaining, if extremely sexist, fourth entry in the Fu Manchu series. Nude torture scenes and snake attacks are featured in some of the numerous prints, running 91, 88, 82, and 61 minutes.


Christopher Lee as Fu Manchu
Richard Greene as Nayland Smith
Howard Marion-Crawford as Dr. Petrie (as Howard Marion Crawford)
Götz George as Carl Jansen
Maria Rohm as Ursula Wagner
Ricardo Palacios as Sancho Lopez
Loni von Friedl as Celeste
Frances Khan as Carmen
Tsai Chin as Lin Tang
Isaura de Oliveira as Yuma
Shirley Eaton as Black Widow rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Marcelo Arroita-Jáuregui as The Governor (uncredited)
Olívia Pineschi as One of Fu's Girl (uncredited)
Vicente Roca as Governor's Secretary (uncredited)
Poulet Tu as Lotus (uncredited)

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