Destination Milan

Tag: Movie

Title: Destination Milan
AKA: Destination Milan
Year: 1954
Character: Svenson
Director: Leslie Arliss, John Gilling, Lawrence Huntington
Cameraman: Brendan J. Stafford, Kenneth Talbot, James Wilson
Screenplay: Paul Vincent Carroll, Robert Hall, Lawrence Huntington, Doreen Montgomery
Runtime: 78
Country: UK
Genre: Drama
Studio: Douglas Fairbanks Jr. & Company

Language: English
Audio: Mono
Colour: Black and White



This anthology is comprised of three stories. In the first a naive American tycoon boards the famous Orient Express and finds himself victimized by con-artists until a helpful train guard comes to aid him. The second tale centers on an impoverished Irishman's daughter who wants to marry the son of a miserly Scottsman. She and he are told they cannot marry, but the Irishman steps in and saves the day. The third tale centers upon a Norwegian artist who kills his own brother. It is his own wife who sees that he gets his come-uppance.


Lorraine Clewes as Arlette
Yusef Crandall as Field
Cyril Cusack
Tommy Duggan as Leonard
Douglas Fairbanks Jr.
Greta Gynt
John Horsley
John Laurie
Christopher Lee as Svenson
Mary Merrall
Barbara Mullen
Peter Reynolds
Paul Sheridan as Renoir
Ann Stephens

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