A Song for Tomorrow

Tag: Movie

Title: A Song for Tomorrow
AKA: A Song for Tomorrow
Year: 1948
Character: Auguste
Director: Terence Fisher
Cameraman: Walter J. Harvey
Screenplay: W.E. Fairchild, W.E. Fairchild
Runtime: 62
Country: UK
Genre: Drama | Romance
Studio: Production Facilities

Language: English
Audio: Mono
Colour: Black and White



Future Hammer horror director Terence Fisher filmed this lackluster wartime romance. Derek Wardwell (Shaun Noble) is struck with amnesia, and the last thing he remembers is the beautiful voice of opera singer Helen Maxwell (Evelyn Maccabe). When he regains consciousness, Wardwell thinks he's in love with her. After his amnesia is cured, Wardwell returns to his fiancee while Helen begins a romance with his doctor. Ralph Michael and Christopher Lee co-star in this sappy soap-opera.


Evelyn Maccabe as Helen Maxwell
Ralph Michael as Roger Stanton
Shaun Noble as Derek Wardell
James Hayter as Nicholas Klausmann
Valentine Dunn as Mrs. Wardell
Christopher Lee as Auguste
Ethel Coleridge as Woman in cinema
Yvonne Forster as Nurse
Carleen Lord as Helen's Dresser
Conrad Phillips as Lieutenant Fenton
Martin Boddey as Major
Sam Kydd as Sergeant
Lockwood West as Mr. Stokes


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