Top Secret

Tag: Movie

Title: Top Secret
AKA: Mr. Potts Goes to Moscow
Year: 1952
Character: Russian Agent
Director: Mario Zampi
Cameraman: Stanley Pavey
Screenplay: Jack Davies, Jack Davies, Michael Pertwee, Michael Pertwee
Runtime: 93
Country: UK
Genre: Comedy
Studio: Mario Zampi Productions

Language: English
Audio: Mono
Colour: Black and White



Top Secret gets under way when George (George Cole), a janitor in a research plant, accidentally comes into possession of the plans for a revolutionary atomic weapon. As George embarks on his annual vacation, the research security team embarks on a nationwide search for the hapless broom-pusher. Meanwhile, the Russians get wind of the incident and intercept George, plying him with liquor and empty promises so that he'll hand over the plans to them. All the while, George never knows what the fuss is about: he thinks that the British and Soviet authorities are interested in his new plans for a modern sanitary system! No one takes Top Secret seriously--certainly not Oscar Homolka, who delivers a bravura performance as a Russian secret agent who wistfully yearns for the glories of the Czarist days.


George Cole as George Potts
Oskar Homolka as Zekov
Nadia Gray as Tania Ivanova
Frederick Valk as Rakov
Wilfrid Hyde-White as Sir Hubert Wells
Geoffrey Sumner as Pike
Ronald Adam as Barworth Controller
Ernest Jay as Prof. Layton
Edwin Styles as Barworth Superintendent
Richard Wattis as Barnes
Michael Medwin as Smedley
Eleanor Summerfield as Cecilia
Irene Handl as Mrs. Tidmarsh
Phyllis Morris as Mrs. Tweedy
Charles Goldner as Gaston
Ina De La Haye as Madame
Ronnie Stevens as Aubrey
Olaf Pooley as Professor Roblettski
Kynaston Reeves as Barworth Director
Frederick Leister as Prime Minister
Henry Hewitt as Minister of Health
Gibb McLaughlin as Schoolmaster
Michael Balfour as Jersey Sailor rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Terence Alexander as Minor Role (uncredited)
Fred Berger as Minor Role (uncredited)
Martin Boddey as Minor Role (uncredited)
Johnny Catcher as Minor Role (uncredited)
Reed De Rouen as Minor Role (uncredited)
Willoughby Gray as Minor Role (uncredited)
Gerard Heinz as Russian Plant Director (uncredited)
Walter Horsbrugh as 1st Cabinet Minister (uncredited)
David Hurst as Professor Deutsch (uncredited)
Christopher Lee as Russian Agent (uncredited)
Guido Lorraine as Minor Role (uncredited)
Victor Maddern as Minor Role (uncredited)
Richard Marner as Minor Role (uncredited)
Hal Osmond as Jersey Waiter (unconfirmed) (uncredited)
Bernard Rebel as Professor Trubiev (uncredited)
Myrtle Reed as Air Hostess (uncredited)
Anthony Shaw as 2nd Cabinet Minister (uncredited)
Tim Turner as 1st Reporter (uncredited)
Ian Wilson as Uncredited (uncredited)
Stanislaus Zienciakiewicz as Josef Stalin (uncredited)

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