The Treasure of San Teresa

Tag: Movie

Title: The Treasure of San Teresa
AKA: Hot Money Girl
Year: 1959
Character: Jaeger
Director: Alvin Rakoff
Cameraman: Wilkie Cooper
Screenplay: Jack Andrews, Jeffrey Dell
Runtime: 84
Country: UK | West Germany
Genre: Adventure | Crime | Thriller
Studio: Beaconsfield Productions, British Lion Film Corporation, Kurt Ulrich Filmproduktion, Orbit

Language: English
Audio: Mono
Colour: Black and White
Tagline: She was Trash! She would do anything for a price!



The British-German Treasure of San Teresa is known by a variety of titles, including Hot Money Girl, Long Distance and Rhapsody in Blie. Perennial action hero Eddie Constantine plays an ex-OSS operative who returns to Czechoslovakia after the war. The mercenary Constantine hopes to recover a fortune in jewels that he'd hidden during the war at the behest of a German general. He is aided and abetted by Dawn Addams, the general's supposedly untrustworthy daughter. Crosses, double-crosses and triple-crosses abound before the film's ironic Treasure of Sierra Madre-like denouement.


Eddie Constantine as Larry Brennan
Dawn Addams as Hedi von Hartmann
Marius Goring as Rudi Siebert
Christopher Lee as Jaeger
Nadine Tallier as Zizi
Walter Gotell as Hamburg inspector
Willi Witte as Von hartmann
Leslie 'Hutch' Hutchinson as Piano Player at Billie's (as Hutch)
Gaylord Cavallaro as Mike Jones
Hubert Mittendorf as Schneider
Derek Sydney as Barman
Penelope Horner as Bar girl
Georgina Cookson as Billie
Clive Dunn as Cemetery keeper
Sheldon Lawrence as Patrolling policeman
Steve Plytas as Station sergeant
Thomas Gallagher as Truck driver rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Stella Bonheur as Sister Angelica
Tom Bowman as Tough
Margaret Boyd as Sister Catherine
Walter Buhler as Uniformed Policeman
Tsai Chin as 1st girl in fight
Marie Devereux as Girl with the Mink
Diane Potter as 2nd girl in fight
Susan Travers as Girl at Billie's
Anna Turner as Billie's maid

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