Trottie True

Tag: Movie

Title: Trottie True
AKA: The Gay Lady
Year: 1949
Character: Hon. Bongo Icklesham
Director: Brian Desmond Hurst
Cameraman: Harry Waxman
Screenplay: S.J. Simon, Caryl Brahms, Denis Freeman
Runtime: 96
Country: UK
Genre: Comedy | Music | Romance
Studio: Two Cities Films

Language: English
Audio: Mono
Colour: Color (Technicolor)
Tagline: Love...Like Bubbles in Sparkling Champagne



The Gay Lady is better known by its British title, Trottie True. Jean Kent stars as Trottie, a turn-of-the-century British music-hall performer who works her way up the ladder from chorus girl to headliner. As her fame increases, Trottie has no time for true love, preferring instead the attentions of men of nobility and wealth who can advance her career. But it's not enough, and at the end Trottie trots back to her husband. Based on the play by Caryl Brahms and S.J. Simon, The Gay Lady is best seen in its original Technicolor British release version, which unlike some American prints leaves most of the musical numbers intact.


Jean Kent as Trottie True
James Donald as Lord Digby Landon
Hugh Sinclair as Maurice Beckenham
Lana Morris as Bouncie Barrington
Andrew Crawford as Sid Skinner
Bill Owen as Joe Jugg
Michael Medwin as Monty, Marquis of Maidenhead
Joan Young as Mrs. True
Harold Scott as Mr. True
Anthony Halfpenny as Perce True
Daphne Anderson as Bertha True
Carole Lesley as Clare as a child
Carol Leslie as Clara as a child
Dilys Laye as Trottie as a Child
David Liney as Perce as a child
Campbell Cotts as Saintsbury
Heather Thatcher as Angela Platt-Brown
Mary Hinton as Duchess of Wellwater
Anthony Steel as The Bellaires' footman
Christopher Lee as Hon. Bongo Icklesham
Harcourt Williams as Duke Of Wellwater
Hattie Jacques as Daisy Delaware rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Joy Adams as Special Girl (uncredited)
June Bardsley as Mayfair Girl (uncredited)
Katharine Blake as Ruby Rubarto (uncredited)
John Boston as Escort (uncredited)
Olwen Brookes as Lady Talman (uncredited)
Lyndon Brook as Bit Role (uncredited)
Irene Browne as Duchess (uncredited)
Patrick Cargill as Party Guest (uncredited)
Ian Carmichael as Bill the Postman (uncredited)
Darcy Conyers as Claude (uncredited)
Patricia Dean as  (uncredited)
Pamela Devis as Bit Role (uncredited)
Francis De Wolff as George Edwardes (uncredited)
Howard Douglas as Newspaper Editor (uncredited)
Peter Dunlop as Escort (uncredited)
John Fabian as Stage Door Johnnie (uncredited)
Joy Frankau as Special Girl (uncredited)
Gretchen Franklin as Martha (uncredited)
Pamela Galloway as Special Girl (uncredited)
Neville Gates as Special Young Man (uncredited)
Helen Goss as Mrs. Bellaire (uncredited)
Elspet Gray as Honor Bellaire (uncredited)
Barbara Gurnhill as Mayfair Girl (uncredited)
May Hallatt as Old Ellen (uncredited)
Arthur Hambling as Mr. Jupp (uncredited)
Norman Hartley as Groom (uncredited)
Anne Holland as Countess of Burney (uncredited)
W.E. Holloway as Old Vinegar (uncredited)
Josephine Ingram as Special Girl (uncredited)
Mary Jones as Gladys True (uncredited)
Sam Kydd as 'Bedford' Stage Manager (uncredited)
Tamara Lees as Gaiety Girl (uncredited)
Diana Maddox as Sid Skinner's Girlfriend (uncredited)
Andreas Malandrinos as Head Waiter (uncredited)
Shirley Mitchell as  (uncredited)
Roger Moore as Stage Door Johnny (uncredited)
James Neylin as Lord George Peasemarsh (uncredited)
Shaun Noble as Andy Galloway (uncredited)
Charles Perry as Bit Role (uncredited)
Josef Ramart as Monty's Chauffeur (uncredited)
Doris Rogers as Hon. Mrs. Seaton (uncredited)
Beth Ross as Special Girl (uncredited)
Leonard Sharp as Carter (uncredited)
Constance Smith as Gaiety Girl (uncredited)
Philip Stainton as Arthur Briggs (uncredited)
Philip Strange as Earl of Burney (uncredited)
Anthony Tancred as Stage Door Johnnie (uncredited)
John Vere as The Bellaires' Butler (uncredited)
Jack Vyvian as Uncle Sam (uncredited)
Elsie Wagstaff as Dependant Relative (uncredited)
Michael Ward as Pianist at Ball (uncredited)
Ian Wilson as Bert (uncredited)
Dennis Wood as Groom (uncredited)

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