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29 April 2006 - 10:42pm
Isabel Alves's picture

I agree with most, it is very good to hear the comments on a film, etc. For that I imported Mr. Lee's DVDs (to the devil, the daugther and the man whit golden gun) same already tends the films in VHS, it was especially because of the comments.
(I feel a lot that there is no legend in Spanish for a Brazilian one to understand better), but it is worth even so. I felt proud when I had DVDs in hands.
I love Mr. Lee's comments, to see deleted scenes, pictures... it is a great satisfaction.
I still want to acquire Peter Cushing's last work with Christopher Lee (a documentary) if I make a mistake as for that, correct. This DVD still was not thrown / liberated in Brazil (no matter how much I have sought anything found).


29 October 2002 - 6:39pm
Jacob Remery's picture

What is "branching?"

From some website. They will tell it better than i would. Wink

Seamless Branching

DVD-Video has a unique feature called "seamless branching" where different video segments can be pre-programmed to combine in various combinations. This allows for the same DVD-Video disc to contain different versions of the same film, like an original theatrical release version and a director's cut version of the same film. For example, if you chose the "original theatrical release" version from the main menu, the DVD-Video disc will play the original version of the movie by playing the same scenes as shown in the movie theaters. If you chose the "director's cut" version from the main menu, the DVD-Video disc will play back the director's cut of the movie, which may skip to scenes there were previously unreleased during certain segments and automatically branches back to the common scenes shared with the theatrical version. These scene transitions are nearly instantaneous and transparent to the viewer.

Good example will be the dvd from The Abyss.

29 October 2002 - 6:27pm
Alfonso Casal's picture

Preferably in a seperated context rather than "branching" since the "branching" dvd's make my dvd player psychotic.

What is "branching?"

29 October 2002 - 5:46pm
Sandra Steele's picture

Being a Laserdisc owner, the nifty interview and commentary features are common place to me and I wouldn't consider owning a film in any format with out them. I appreciate having both a interview and the secondary audio just for convience. I don't always listen to the secondary audio ( but my husband does )
I especially like the "making of videos" and even the trailers.
I detest anything that has been altered from the film version and expect widescreen or non-altered videos.
I also really enjoy seeing deleted scenes. Preferably in a seperated context rather than "branching" since the "branching" dvd's make my dvd player psychotic.

Another fun thing to do is to get a region 1 and a region 2 disc of the same movie and see what the various censors whacked out. It's not as obvious in films ( exception of Highlander) but in shows the cuts are really just odd.
Oops... sorry.. that was decidedly a tangent. Guess I'll crack out my laserdisc of Dracula, Prince of Darkness again.
(Cool interview on that one too )

24 October 2002 - 7:27pm
Patricia Smith's picture

get ALL of these things on a DVD? Wink

Anytime I get a DVD, it is a big treat. I like not only to hear the commentary about how the film was made, etc., but I also like to hear Mr. Lee talk about his own role, other matters related to the film, the story of the film, perhaps themusic of the film, whatever he would like to talk about that relates to it, all sorts of extras related to the movie.


24 October 2002 - 12:17am
Frederick Bergstrom's picture

commentaries all the way...I love watching a film and hearing what they actors where doing, thinking or how scenes where brought together.If you love a movie you like to know what it was like in making it. I just bought Abbott and Costelle meet Frankenstien just for the audio Commenatry and I learned alot i never knew

22 October 2002 - 6:39pm
Alfonso Casal's picture


I have to say that no one gives a commentary like Christopher Lee!  

I don't think I'm alone in saying that I have bought more than one DVD of a CL movie I already had on tape strictly for the commentary track.

20 October 2002 - 9:57pm
Wendy Wood's picture

I have to say that no one gives a commentary like Christopher Lee! He definitely makes listening to the commentary a great treat. In fact, his commentaries are the best I have heard. Nothing is ever disapoiinting about his comments.

20 October 2002 - 3:02pm
Joe Skinnell's picture

Personnaly I have always preferred a running commentary to a stand alone interview segment. The stories you hear on the commentaries are often memories that have been jolted back to the fore-front by watching the film again for the first time in many years. My friend Ken Kish of Cinemawasteland often has his guests do a running commentary over their movies at his conventions. Believe me, you won't find most of these stories in a book about the film or even an autobiography!

15 October 2002 - 4:29pm
Jacob Remery's picture

Like Alfonso said. Smile

15 October 2002 - 11:33am
guest's picture

I also agree with you Alfonso, its the litte extras on the DVDs that you may not hear any where else.
Its worth buying the DVDs just to hear and see them.


14 October 2002 - 9:50pm
Matt Gemmell's picture

I agree with Alfonso . The commentary is usually may favourite part of a DVD extras menu . Although the Scars Of Dracula DVD features an excellent bonus disc The Many Faces Of Christopher Lee .

14 October 2002 - 6:31pm
Alfonso Casal's picture

FOr me it's the audio commentary. Hearing the history of the film, how each scene was played, the problems involved, and sometimes just the happy memories, are priceless.

14 October 2002 - 6:29pm
Colin Bushby's picture

The only DVD I have with mr. Lee's voice is The Wickerman, so I would have to go with audio on that one, plus a hidden bonus of a video commentry on the regeon 2 disc, which lasts about 20 minutes.Smile


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