Which of these films should be Mr Lee's first choice?

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Episode III (Under Contract)
50% (1 vote)
The Last Unicorn (Firm Offer)
0% (0 votes)
The Riding of the Laddie
0% (0 votes)
The Devil Rides Out (Rumours of remake)
50% (1 vote)
Harry Potter (Nothing is Official)
0% (0 votes)
Retire early
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 2


21 January 2003 - 4:21am
Don Boycik's picture

I voted for star wars episode 3 only cause i wasn't sure which one to chose. i'm still hoping that he does 2 things in the next couple years 1. star in a movie it's been a few years since he's done that an be in the whole thing not 5 minutes of it. and 2. play a herioc role i may have spelled that wrong. i say that cause
it's been awhile since he's been a hero in a film i don't even know what the last one was. anyone out there know? granted i know that's how he gets his living playing a villian and we all love him for it. but that's just how i feel.

10 November 2002 - 9:21pm
Stuart Ball's picture

I had to go for The Devil Rides Out remake.

The original is my all time favourite Hammer, my all time favourite horror and my all time favourite Christopher Lee movie.

As already noted the special effects available now could make this a truly spectacular ride,as long as the film kept the suspense and beautiful period feel of the original.

Mr Lee's current high profile with his recent award, SW, LOTR
and Harry Potter rumours, could make this a box office smash and bring the classic works of Dennis Wheatley to a new audience.

I would love to see it made but I am not building my hopes up.

10 November 2002 - 8:34am
James Lockard's picture

I would love to see a "Devil Rides Out" remake with Mr. Lee, but I'm not holding my breath.

7 November 2002 - 7:30pm
Grace Francis's picture

I'm sorry... despite the fact i know Mr.Lee is under contract for Episode 3, I had to vote for it. Dooku was a marvelous addition to the cast of Star Wars characters, and an excellent Lord of the Sith. He's enigmatic, and his true purpose is still shrouded in mystery, and Mr.Lee played him so well that by the end, you were like:
'so, he's working under Lord Sidious, but...'

After long consideration, I can't pinpoint Dooku's true intentions. Episode 3 not only should reveal the answers to our Dooku queries, but will also be the darkest, and possibly best episode, in the entire saga...

"The shroud of the darkside has fallen..."

6 November 2002 - 10:31pm
Vic Abady's picture

Fans asked about a chamaleonic actor's future choices - I can hear reindeer hooves all over my roof! Tongue

I voted for The Devil Rides Out because I liked the original - but only if Mr Lee were to play Mocata instead of Richelieu, of course. It would be fascinating to see him perform both sides of the battle.

Second choice: Dumbledore. As a true-blue Potterhead, Mr Lee's a dream choice. He's already done Star Wars and LOTR, now embodying a plum character in the third greatest mass entertainment phenomenon of our times would be yet another challenge (and a record?), and a feast for both his and Harry Potter's fans.

Besides, I always thought Dumbledore is a fishy, dangerous Machiavello under his Santa act *ducks from Howlers*. Whether he proves to be that, or not, but Mr Lee's really add a disquieting touch to Dumbledore.

"Prisoner of Azkaban" doesn't have too much Dumbledore screen time, but it's truly quality time, with memorable Dumbledore scenes (not just interaction with the kid stars) like his confrontation with the Dementors, his row with Snape in the hospital wing, the Christmas banquet banter with loony Prof. Trelawney, to name just a few.

5 November 2002 - 5:46pm
Lamoreux's picture

As I'm not privy to the details of Mr. Lee's contract for Star Wars - Episode III, and do not know his start date, I will continue harboring my fantasy that he has time to do the remake of THE DEVIL RIDES OUT first.
It's been a long time since I've seen him in a Western. (Just kidding!)


5 November 2002 - 2:45am
Patricia Smith's picture

I think the fact that several people here noted that Mr. Lee has already committed himself by contract to do Star Wars Episode III speaks volumes to the level of intelligence and type of values held by many who frequent this forum. I am gratified to be in such company.

I too voted for the SW - Ep. III option for that reason. Once that is in the can, however, I think Mr. Lee obviously will be much in demand.
To be completely honest, I would like to see him in more turns like his role of Mr. Flay in Gormenghast. Even after all this time, I still find that character intriguing.

4 November 2002 - 11:34am
Uwe Sommerlad's picture

THE RIDING OF THE LADDIE, for sure. That will be a most unusual movie and could become another classic like THE WICKER MAN - it has the same perfect mixture at least.


4 November 2002 - 7:09am
Rocket13531's picture

Star Wars Episode 3 should be his first priority, and is as it's under contract. Aside from that however, I do believe he would make a fine Dumbledore, if possible

3 November 2002 - 8:10pm
Grace's picture

I agree that it is a tough question Juan I would love to see all of them even the Harry Potter one that is if he will ever be approuched by them to do a Harry Potter movie , and I'm curious would he do Dumbledore if he was approuched to do it ? probably not , but I did choose between 1.SW Episode III , 2. LOTR TTT and ROTK deffinatly that you didn't write down . 3 . Riding of the Laddie . 4. the Last Unicorn , and retire early ? when he is still at the top of his game ? it must be a quick question , I don't think so maybe after the 3or 4 movies that he has left in the works and then maybe if he wants to he might retire when he is ready ofcourse he might be in his mid to late 80's .

All the Best ,

Amy Maloney Smile

3 November 2002 - 8:09pm
Grace's picture

I agree that it is a tough question Juan I would love to see all of them even the Harry Potter one that is if he will ever be approuched by them to do a Harry Potter movie , and I'm curious would he do Dumbledore if he was approuched to do it ? probably not , but I did choose between 1.SW Episode III , 2. LOTR TTT and ROTK deffinatly that you didn't write down . 3 . Riding of the Laddie . 4. the Last Unicorn , and retire early ? when he is still at the top of his game ? it must be a quick question , I don't think so maybe after the 3or 4 movies that he has left in the works and then maybe if he wants to he might retire when he is reday ofcourse he might be in his mid to late 80's .

All the Best ,

Amy Maloney Smile

3 November 2002 - 4:49am
Jarrod Cooley's picture

I actually hope that if Mr. Lee is offered the role in Harry Potter that he turns it down. I realize that this might be an unpopular opinion as it seems any chance to see Mr. Lee on the big screen is a great thing but I fear the long term contract arrangement. With the sudden and well deserved recognition and resurgence of popularity it seems that he may be on the brink of some of his most important work to date. I'm not saying Harry Potter is not important to many people but I would prefer Mr. Lee in some other roles that would better display his incredible acting talents.

2 November 2002 - 3:27pm
Frederick Bergstrom's picture

personally i want to see a Devil Rides Out remake more than any other of the choices. I can live without Mr. Lee being in the film but i cannot even dream of him not being Dooku again. he was very cool in that role, carried the movie and was seen by millions of people. The chances of DRO being a direct to video release are good and the chances of another Star Wars film being a huge hit seen by millions with more merchandise with CL on it are even better. I am not big in the Star Wars films at all but CL carried that film and has the potential for some more powerful scenes and adding to his great legacy by appearing in that film more than any other. The potential to be seen and have more people explore his earlier work and become life long Christopher Lee fans lies in another Star Wars film. Harry Potter would be nice.. if it comes about... but Dooku is a cooler role IMO, more so than any wizard role that probally would not be as big as the Dooku role. His best career move is EP 3

2 November 2002 - 12:34am
Josslyn's picture

The "news" connecting Mr. Lee to that franchise was on the most trafficed LOTR and HP sites. (I know. I visit both for news.)
Maybe some of those 700 stuck around and decided to check the CLW out.

1 November 2002 - 8:21pm
Colin Bushby's picture

On the subject of the amount of interest, I noticed at one point on the day the rumours started about Harry Potter, that there were over 700 guests on board :eek: there could have been more at some other time, I could not believe it.

1 November 2002 - 5:36pm
Alfonso Casal's picture

Just an observation: Looking at the voter turnout for this poll, I think this has elicited the greatest member response of any opinion poll on this website. . . ever! Wow!

It's good to see the members making their views known.

31 October 2002 - 6:47pm
Admin's picture

"The Last Unicorn", from what I have heard, it's set to become another big blockbuster and has a tremendous following. After EPIII, it should be his main priority. Not only because he has already been cast and was made a firm offer but it's one of his favorite stories.

Whatever roles he decides to take on, it would only strengthen his position as a Fantasy /Sci-Fi icon.

31 October 2002 - 2:42pm
Alfonso Casal's picture

Although I would love to see Riding of the Laddie make it to the screen and a remake of The Devil Rides Out would be choice, I voted for EP III. Giving EP III top priority would be the best career move.

Early retirement? I would hope not. Unless Mr. Lee were able to do ALL these projects, in that case, retirement would mean ending his career with a bang -- after starring in three of the most popular/significant film series of all time AND playing in a most eagerly awaited fantasy film AND returning 'to the scene' of one of his most popular films AND reprising one of his greatest roles. Who could ask for a better exit?

31 October 2002 - 12:01pm
guest's picture

It would be nice if Mr. Lee could go on for ever, but I think he should slow down take some time out,
But I don't think that is what Mr Lee would want to do, he will keep on working its what makes him happy.

Let him work if thats what Mr Lee wants, I have tired to tell other people to slow down stop working, when they do their not happy, its what keeps them young, and it gives them some thing to live for, a reason for getting up.
Some people who have worked all they lives need to be kept busy, and I think that Mr Lee loves his work, he put his whole self into his work, as long as his happy and he feel he can do it then I say let him!

So go for any part that he thinks he would feel good in, and which is right for him, and best of luck to Mr. Lee, and may the sun shine on him for ever.


31 October 2002 - 6:22am
Mike Schneider's picture


I would think the film currently under contract would be first choice since he has committed to it. Then personally I might think of relaxing... perhaps not making any more films (of course this is my take on it). As a Christopher Lee fan I want Mr. Lee to keep making films, but what more does he need to do, he has already put some of the most versatile perfermances as anyone down on celluloid. How about a western with a great story?

Maybe Juan has included a trick poll option, early retirement... at Mr. Lee's age? Most poeple slow down at 80 but Mr. Lee keeps producing quality performances.

Happy Halloween!


31 October 2002 - 3:41am
Nilredwen's picture

I didn't factor in Star Wars III either being that he's already fully contracted for it. I picked The Last Unicorn over Harry Potter because I really feel this story has the potential if done right to be one very powerful movie with a lot of soul, a beautiful classic. The character Mr. Lee is to play is evil, however, he is an evil with layers to him that can be at times mesmerizing, at times pitiful. I am so eager to see Mr. Lee interpret this character fully after hearing him do it so well in the animated one. I admit I'm not a Harry Potter fan having never read the books so I suppose I'm very biased about this though. At any rate ultimately, I hope Mr. Lee can do both! That would be fantastic.

31 October 2002 - 2:35am
Josslyn's picture

I went with Riding the Laddie.
My second choice would be Harry Potter and then The Devil Rides Out remake. Since he's already contracted for Star Wars I figured I wouldn't even consider it.

31 October 2002 - 1:49am
guest's picture

Bah! SW - Episode 3 without a thought. I like the other films but I just love Mr Lee's light saber whooping skills.Laughing out loud

31 October 2002 - 1:24am
lisaleslie76's picture

He would really make a good wizard in Harry Potter.

30 October 2002 - 6:42pm
Old Soul's picture

Well, my thinking is that he could do the movie with the most screen time first, get it done with, then move on to the next movie, etc. However, jumping from one movie to another may be hard on him.

Old Soul

30 October 2002 - 4:25pm
Matt Gemmell's picture

RETIRE ?........God I hope not . I must admit that this possibility entered my mind when you announced Mr Lees " desicion " for this coming Sunday.....that aside , I voted for The Devil Rides Out remake . As Old Soul points out this would give Mr Lee more screen time . He's a star in our eyes anyway but it would be great to see him as THE star of a major film again. It's a great story and a role in which he excelled the first time around . Considering he's nearer to the characters real age now and the immense leap in spfx this is one film I would love to see . Maybe I'm being presumptious but I took Star Wars and Harry Potter as done deals ( Well almost )
Whatever comes next I know I'll be first in line to see it .

30 October 2002 - 3:40pm
Maria Silbermann's picture

I thought of Mr. Lee when the news came about poor Mr. Harris, but didn't dare hope that the "powers that be" would consider him for the films. I love the movie and the books, and would enjoy seeing Mr. Lee show Dumbledore's kindness and wisdom. We already know he can fight the dark forces with the appropriate ferocity! He's done Star Wars (and perhaps accomodations can be made in the shooting schedule), and this is a wonderful opportunity.

Maria S.:smileht:

30 October 2002 - 2:12pm
stvivona's picture

Perhaps the producers of "Harry Potter" could accomodate Mr. Lee's schedule for "Episode III," and schedule his scenes when he is not committed to filming "Ep. 3," which I would assume has to be his priority if he's under contract already. If I were producing "Harry P" I'd make all the necessary accomodations! Only someone of Mr. Lee's stature is a worthy successor to the wonderful Richard Harris. I really hope this happens - Mr. Lee is shaping up to having a veru busy 2003!!

30 October 2002 - 1:18pm
Old Soul's picture

That is a tuff question Juan, I would love to see all these movies with Mr. Lee in them without any delay.

I chose The Devil Rides Out. Only because I feel that he would be in this movie the longest. The other movies can shoot around him until he is free to come on to the set.

Retire early is not an option. The only way I would vote for that is if he would start a school to teach new actors how to act To pass on what he knows would be a great thing. Mr. Lee has too much talent to waist on retirement.

Old Soul


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