Artwork and Photography Competition

Submissions are being accepted for an Artwork and Photographs Competition. You can upload your work at the multimedia section in the appropriate category.


The rules are straight forward, there are two categories.



Images of artwork done by hand. Paintings, drawings or any other manual form of art, which is not digital or photographic. The artwork can be original or an interpretation from a photograph, movie, etc. It must be Christopher Lee related.


Digital Artwork and Photography

Image manipulation, digital images and original photography. This includes manipulations of any photograph, original or not. It could be a collage of images. It also includes original photographs, for instance stills you may have taken at fan events, etc. It must be Christopher Lee related.

You can submit as many images as you wish. You can also enter past work that you may have entered in another artwork competition we had organised in the past or even stills that you may have already uploaded before.



We will allow 45 days for submissions, after that time, all members can start voting for their favourites. Submissions can still be done after voting has started but I think it would lower the chances of winning, However, this competition is about sharing and having a bit of fun, so that should not matter that much.

To ensure that your images display correctly, please use the largest possible sizes. I recommend a minimum of 800 pixels for the smallest side of the image. However, if you mess up when you uplod, I will e-mail you to help you correct it.



Votes will be counted on the 1st of April 2008 and the winner from each category will receive a framed montage made from the copy of the original with a hand written letter from Mr. Lee.


Important note: All submissions must be done in good taste. Submissions are moderated to avoid the posting of offensive material or pornography.


Good luck and have fun. Remember, the important thing is participating and even if you do not win, you will bring others some pleasure by displaying your work.

If you have any questions, please post them in this thread.

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