How often do you watch CL movies?

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30 May 2011 - 4:10am
sean_marion's picture

hello everyone....


like other fans I used to watch movies of christopher lee whenever I want to... There were times when my mind or heart calls to watch it... I always save all his moves in my usb flash drive to make sure that it is safe and I think it was a very convenient storage of data.


sean marion

6 May 2011 - 12:43am
btf401's picture

I'm really at the mercy of television and what's on.  Actually, I will get to a few of his newer titles like Triage and Boogie Woogie in the next week or two.  Also have Julius Caesar which I've never seen so add three titles coming soon.  As a number for viewing...very rare since I don't watch a lot of television and his movies don't seem to play often. 

There was a time, though, that his films played a lot.  TBS ran plenty of his Hammer films.  Yet you could also find a lot of his films from the late 70's and early 80's on television at one point in history.  Not so these days.  Yet he may not have been too pleased with some of those titles.  Though I did find Bear Island, Desparate Moves, Killer Force, An Eye for An Eye, and his episode of Charlie's Angels all to be interesting; especially because he wasn't doing horror.  Too bad they didn't write a part for him in one of the Indiana Jones films.

23 December 2009 - 6:24am
Don Boycik's picture

me too i go through stages as well. i think the last films of i watched were the fu manchu films. with the exception of the last one that i haven't seen yet. & that's been a couple months. i think i did watch one recently. buut i forget at the moment which film. he's got so many ya know? Smile

21 December 2009 - 3:28am
Paul Williams's picture

I go through stages,where i will watch films with Sir Christopher in every day for months and months on end.Then,i will taper off to watch a film with Sir Christopher in about once a week.I genuinly enjoy watching the films Sir Christopher has appeared in,even if it is in a small role like in Moulin Rouge.

19 December 2009 - 5:02pm
Mirella Giurco's picture

You say that it is amazing how many old classics are available in DVD for only a few pounds, and that you have been able to pick up a lot of Hammer movies with Christopher Lee. ... Well, lucky you, but it is not so, for me, who I live in Italy. I would so very much like , that someone, from England, could be so very kind as to buy me some Christopher Lee's films in DVD, and I would send the money + shipping expenses, to the kind person who could do me this great favour.

Mirella Giurco - Trieste, Italy

19 December 2009 - 4:53pm
Mirella Giurco's picture

Me too, I watch them, whenever I feel like watching them, ... and to be true, it is, very often, as I enjoy very much watching the Christopher Lee's films, all His films, as He is a wonderful actor.

Mirella Giurco - Trieste, Italy

19 December 2009 - 4:48pm
Mirella Giurco's picture

You say you have all His Hammer Dracula movies. I would like to ask you whether it was you, who registered them from the TV or whether you were so lucky to find all the films in DVD. I did register some of His Dracula films from the TV, and then I could find some Dracula films in DVD, but I am unable to find some others, in DVD. I am also looking for all the other Christopher Lee's films in DVD, but I am unable to find many DVD of the Christopher Lee's films. May be, in England it is much easier than over here in Italy, where there are some DVD that I can find, but there are many others that I am unable to find.

Mirella Giurco - Trieste, Italy

22 February 2009 - 12:08am
Isabel Alves's picture

When I got the Wickerman I watched it nearly every day for a week, I loved it. The same goes for LOTR, I never get sick of watching it. Smile

Oh! This also happened to me. I attended 3 times a week The Wicker Man, made the same thing with Whip and the Body and Rasputim.

Well I can affirm that whenever I acquire a new film of the sr. Lee (in the moment I await the arrival of " The Feast of the midnight" that I bought of Amazon.) well, I attend this a week 3 times if the time allows, mainly because most of the films is without subtitles.

6 February 2009 - 3:14pm
Alan Toner's picture

I have all his Hammer Dracula movies and LOVE to watch them at least once a month. They are the BEST horror movies ever made!

The Webmaster

16 September 2008 - 4:47am
Don Boycik's picture

same here, i don't watch him ALL The time. buut every once in a while i watch a film of his. it just depends if i'm in the mood for him or a particular film he's in. a month or two ago i just watched the 1st "Fu Manchu" film & i haven't watch one since. buut than i have't been really watching anything as of late. i keep pretty busy myself.

28 March 2008 - 5:12pm
christian gonzalo irigoyen's picture

Well, well, well

It´s difficult, but true is that I see a movie of Master Lee everytime my heart asked me!

All the best,


6 February 2008 - 11:41pm
Steve Thompson's picture

I can't really say how many times in a certain time period, but on average it works out about twice a month. My staple diet of Mr Lee usualy involves, in no paricular order, Curse Of Frankenstein, Horror of Dracula, The Devil Rides Out, which is a particular favourite, Man with The Golden Gun, and most of the good Hammer films ... usualy involving Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing.
You know your on safe ground with Cushing and Lee.
There are so many others that I will have to get hold of and add to my collection.
I particularly love watching them around Xmas time. Nothing like a good Hammer Horror on Xmas Eve.

5 February 2008 - 8:21pm
Kaitlin Wright's picture

At least once a week sometimes more, I have a rather large collection of Mr Lee's films so I can watch whenever I wish

4 February 2008 - 10:44pm
Daniela Parsons's picture

I watch them, whenever I feel to...and if I find the time..that is the other thing. Sometimes I can`t manage to watch a dvd for a month or more....but WHEN I do, I enjoy it...I always enjoy movies with Mr Lee!

Love from Daniela

27 December 2002 - 11:37pm
Wendy Wood's picture

I watch about one Christopher Lee movie a month to every two months. I have a few on VHS and DVD and I love to view and view again my old favorites.

6 December 2002 - 2:14am
Charles Prepolec's picture

Well, this was a tricky one. I went through a period, while acquiring the bulk of what I consider my CL video/DVD collection, where it certainly was nearly one or more a day, but as things settled down, it has now averaged out to about once a month.

I tend to go through serious periods of hardcore re-exploration of my favourite subject matter, so when the mood is upon me, I can go for weeks on end with just reviewing whatever is currently obsessing me (to my significant other's chagrin...oh, never mention Kevin Smith films around her...she hasn't quite gotten over the numerous Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back viewings yet), then go 'cold turkey' as it were, until the rotation, and the mood, hits me once again. These periods or re-evaluation are often interspersed with periods of "I just want something new" which usually doesn't last terribly long, and almost always leads straight back into a CL or Sherlock Holmes (my current obsession is with Russian Sherlock Holmes television programs...yet again, but this time with sub-titles!) retrospective.


3 December 2002 - 10:21am
malkav's picture

Thank God for DVD - now the prices of Videos are dropping, it is amazing how many old classics are availible for only a few pounds.
I have been able to pick up a lot of Hammer movies with CL, ranging from Dracula to Fu Manchu (I have even been able to get some pretty obscure stuff like The Bloody Judge).

27 November 2002 - 8:17pm
guest's picture

I am at the mo, trying to buy every flim that Mr. Lee has been so I am watching up three a day cos they are all coming at the same time.
non stop Mr. Lee Laughing out loud
Its going to take a while, i'm about six flims behind Laughing out loud


5 November 2002 - 4:58pm
Lamoreux's picture

Thank goodness for a hardly video collection of Hammer, AIP, Amicus, Tyburn (and other) classics. A week without Lee and Cushing is definitely a week without sunshine.
Oooops, gotta go! I hear a whistle in the distance and I believe I'll take a ride on the HORROR EXPRESS.


14 October 2002 - 11:09am
Michelle77's picture


When I got the Wickerman I watched it nearly every day for a week, I loved it. The same goes for LOTR, I never get sick of watching it.  :)

I think I have OD'd on CL films over the past week!
I just couldn't stop myself watching the Wicker Man every night, so to break the cycle I watched LOTR on Friday. Then on Saturday I couldn't find anything to watch, so, I watched the HOThBaskervilles, DAD72, DHRFTG ending with DPOD.

Tonight though, I think it's either TWM or LOTR again, again again!! :freak6:

8 October 2002 - 8:49pm
Joakim Lundberg's picture

It depends on how much time I have but at least something every month or weekend.

7 October 2002 - 11:45pm
Solarum's picture

Thousands of people everyday watch his movies and don't even realize he is in them. Think about all the little roles he was in, in so many movies. The Judge in Sleepy Hollow, The head scientist in Gremlins 2, The Evil guy in The Stupid (a slap sticky funny movie).

The list is too long to mention

Heck with 10 steps to Bacon, the 3 steps to Lee would be a harder one

5 October 2002 - 2:48pm
Alfonso Casal's picture

I'd have to say that I manage to see one CL film a week.

3 October 2002 - 8:01am
Ernesto Rodriguez's picture

I saw Mr. CL as Count Dracula for the first time on 6/14/1969. It was the day after my birthday Nº 12 and, yes, the experience was enough strong to not forget it.
The film was "Dracula has risen from the grave" and it turned me a CL and a Hammerfilms fan up today.
I really don't miss the ocassion to watch these films because they are part of my life.
If they are not in TV, it's simple...I rent a video!

1 October 2002 - 4:20am
charles175's picture

I watch them when an new one comes out but some I watch over and over.

29 September 2002 - 4:01am
Dave Hutchens's picture

For me, honestly, it's multiple viewings every day. For one thing, I run a video rental/sales store, so during my shift, or after closing, I run at least one CL film per day.

Second, I have a DVD player on my at all times I've got something running in the background while I work or surf, and that something is almost always CL-oriented.

25 September 2002 - 4:45pm
Grace Francis's picture

It all depends on several factors, I guess... I mean, a couple of months ago I managed about 8 films or so in one month, whilst now, with school and various other things, plus the lack of CL movies being shown on TV, means I've seen about 2 this month so far.

I'd probably average 1 or 2 a month, now.

25 September 2002 - 3:54am
elizabeth vanharlingen's picture

I watch them whenever I can. But my cable provider doesn't show them all that often. And-when my cable provider does show them they're either on way too late-I'm not a kid anymore-or on a station I don't get. The few I do get to see are pretty much the same bunch all the time. A few Dracula films. His Frankenstein movie...Thank God the Musketeer films get shown a lot too.

But I'm dying to see "Serial" one of these days.

Well, I've been given some good news. I've been promised a DVD player for Christmas. After the Holidays, I'll see what Blockbuster has to offer in the way of CL DVDs

Maybe I'll even buy a few. Those who know me know I'm a real penny-pincher...

BTW...I think the November Release of LOTR might just find its way into my Christmas stocking too...


24 September 2002 - 2:15pm
Maria Silbermann's picture

I'd have to say whenever I get the chance! I don't rent videos often, so I see Mr. Lee whenever he has a new movie, or one of his films appear on cable TV. I wish it were more often. [There is something in between one month and once a year!] I'm guessing that he appears more often on British television.

Maria S.

22 September 2002 - 6:24pm
guest's picture

Yes I love the AMC movie channel they play a lot of classics on there. I taped when they had the vincent price poe story marathon. They played the house of usher, the tomb of ligea and a few others i believe. That night was great. CL movies I have most of the ones they show already on tape or DVD at least my favorite ones out of the bunch.

22 September 2002 - 4:57pm
Josslyn's picture

That depends on several variables, really.
Last week I watched Oblong Box and Scream and Scream Again. This week I may not watch any movies with my work schedule. We don't get much in the way of CL movies on TV with my cable provider (out here in The Sticks). Usually they're on the pay movie channels if at all. Every now and then Gormenghast will be on KET or PBS. I miss when AMC used to have horror films every Friday night. Those I always taped and watched later.

22 September 2002 - 9:03am
Jacob Remery's picture

I watch movies every day.
Mostly one, and sometimes 2.
There's allways at least one movie with Mr Lee during the week.
So i opted for one CL movie a week.

22 September 2002 - 1:21am
Old Soul's picture

This really depends on what is going on at the time.

Sometimes I am just not in the mood for what is on tv at the time so I usually pop in a Lee video. Or if I am planning on doing a review of a movie I will make time to sit and watch the video I plan on reviewing.

Or when I am alone with my friend, I

22 September 2002 - 12:58am
noblerot's picture

I'm afraid I don't watch CL movies very often - a few times a year maybe. I only own a few and I don't watch much TV. But if I hear that a CL movie is going to be on TV, I will certainly turn it on.

21 September 2002 - 11:00pm
Matt Gemmell's picture

Not an easy question to answer . Obviously I'm a big Christopher Lee fan but I'm also a major film buff . Add to this my job , family and social life ( I do love a party Laughing out loud ) I guess it averages out at least once a month .

21 September 2002 - 9:43pm
Colin Bushby's picture

Very dificult to put it into numbers, if there is one on the TV I would make it my business to watch it, if I'm out, tape it. When I got the Wickerman I watched it nearly every day for a week, I loved it. The same goes for LOTR, I never get sick of watching it. Smile

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